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HK-SKIN Facial Steamer Machine

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  • This high-frequency instrument, increasing blood circulation to help improve facial ailments and rejuvenate your complexion to produce gentle heat to tighten your skin!
  • Working principle: massage the face by high-temperature steam to promote blood circulation, thereby solve problems of your skin

  • Effects:
  • It replenishes nutrition and water to the face, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and skin-tightened
  • Accelerate blood circulation and improve metabolism
  • Deeply clean the dirt that causes acne and blackheads in your face
  • Efficiently get rid of the cutin of lips caused by dry or lack of water
  • Nourish and protect, creates smooth skin and make it seems healthier
  • Improves the chapped skin, suitable for care on your face in winter

  • Product Features:
  • It allows the entire spray mouth to adjust to any angle and the active contour
  • PTC heater with nano - ion delivers a flash atomization and ensures a good temperature stability
  • Intelligent protection against dry heating when there is no water
  • Simple to operate with 1 switch, portable for home or travel use

  • Methods and guidance:
  • Open the cover, put some water (only for distilled water or pure water) into the inlet, and water can not exceed the window of the MAX line
  • Plug in the power and turn on the switch, heat for about 5 - 7 minutes
  • Adjust the spray mouth, let it sprayed from the up to down and keeps the spray mouth and your face with a distance at least of 25cm
  • Cleaning 2 - 3 times a week and use less than 10 minutes each time, if you feel uncomfortable, stop immediately
  • Perfectly combines the facial mask, SPA, calm the skin together
  • After using, use a moisturizer without fragrance to do massage for a better result

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