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Kemei KM-6330 3 in 1 Professional Hair Trimmer

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  • 3 in 1Trim the hair and make kinds of length (3 mm / 6 mm / 9 mm / 12 mm) easy. Safe cutting headlit has a close head for trimming, quickly and painlessly captures and removes unwanted hair. Convenient to work Nose hair: The Steel cutting head is clean and Neat. The integrated cutting head is reliably repaired and will not damage the 360 ​​° skin to capture accurate trimming. Razors: Single Floating razor mesh, with internal sharp blade, suitable for face contour, shaving without dead ends. Methods: Nose / ear hair trim Gently move the product around to trim all unwanted nose / ear hair Trim the beard Slowly move the razor back and forth against the growing direction of the beard hair, you can also shave it around your neck in this way Trim hair Cut the hair to the desired length by moving the clipper back against the hair flow.
  • Specifications:-
  • Hair shaving machine, mustache, and nose hair
  • Very comfortable to use
  • Long-lasting batter
  • Very strong power, no longer need to worry and irritation to
  • cut beard
  • Safe comfortable easy and fast.

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