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Original Keune Tinta Cream Developer 30 Volume

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  • Best Selling Original Keune Tinta Cream Developer 30 Volume
  • Brand: Keune
  • Color: Black
  • Superb conditioning
  • Silky soft shine
  • Durability due to UV Protector
  • No staining on the scalp
  • Keune Tinta Cream Developer is the developer for Keune Tinta Color.
  • It has extra stability, so the hydrogen peroxide percentage will remain the same, even at high temperatures.
  • Only Tinta Color mixed with Tinta Cream Developer will give the optimum result.
  • Only Tinta Cream Developer contains the color stabilizer LP 300.
  • LP 300 protects the structure of the hair and guarantees optimum color stability, especially for red shades.

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